‘I gained enormously from my sessions with Karen. I always felt that I was in the hands of a very skilful professional, who is unthreatening, personable and easy to work with. I regard the sessions I had as an investment, which Karen helped to make sure was time very well spent. I would strongly recommend her.’

‘Karen saw me as a client for two periods – for about three years in the first instance, and then for a period of just over a year a few years later. My experience with Karen was that she is an extremely competent and caring therapist. She adapted her approach to my needs and used a way of working that I could handle, and this also grew with my greater self-knowledge as our relationship continued. She provided a very safe environment, yet challenged me where appropriate to examine my life and how I could improve it. By the end of my therapy with Karen, I felt that I knew myself better and was also much better able to manage many of my issues. Since then, the insights that I acquired with her have helped me to understand myself better and to continue to grow. I feel enormous gratitude for her help.’

‘I have been having sessions with Karen for a number of years. I have found a tremendous sense of support in these sessions and I have also found that Karen has provided me with a sense of space and support and non judgment while at the same time allowing me the time and clarity to identify what can change and grow. There has been a huge sense of healing in our sessions and she has helped me to maintain my centre and make powerful steps forward during times of change. I have also felt that Karen has helped me to keep a sense of myself and that there has been a sense of respect and honour throughout the process. More than anything I always feel that she is on my side but that she keeps a sense of perspective and humanity. I have found more courage and resources to move forward with dignity. I am very happy that I chose Karen for these sessions.’